Hello Barbie Hologram Preorder Best Price

Mattel will be releasing the new anticipated Hello Barbie Hologram toy for 2017. This is an interactive toy made to sit on your child’s nightstand or table, ready to accept voice commands from your kids like Alexa minus all the technical complications of Amazon’s trendy AI. Your kids can talk to Hello Barbie and ask her to do actions such as have a small dance party or set a timed reminder such as, “Barbie, remind me that tomorrow is my Grandma’s birthday!” You can even ask Barbie to change her outfit or appearance so she can cater to anyone child’s visual preference. She even can make herself into a nightlight!

Inside the technology is straight forward using a classic trick called Pepper’s Ghost illusion. An angled mirror shows the reflection of the lcd video screen of top of the box, creating an effect of a 3D Barbie being projected. So this simple but clever visual trick makes Barbie appear to look like a hi tech hologram creation.

Parents don’t have to worry about Barbie being the gateway to the darkside of the Internet because it doesn’t have any web browing technology for your little girl to access. So mom and dad don’t have to worry about leaving their daughter alone with Hello Barbie unsupervised like they would with a smartphone or laptop with Internet access.

Online retailers are now accepting pre-orders before its official release on December 1, 2017 so now is the time to reserve your pre-order of Hello Barbie Hologram before they sell out for the Christmas holiday season!